For best results, download the latest version of the Instacart app for iOS or Android.

The Instacart app lets you track your personal shopper’s progress and view item changes. Turn on notifications to get alerts for all changes, including replacements and refunds.

If your personal shopper hasn’t begun your order, you can update your order in the Order page.  If your shopper has already started working on your order, you can Chat with them for assistance. 

Add a new item 

To add an item to your order

  1. Make sure you’re in the correct Store page
  2. Find each item you want to add
  3. Tap the Shopping cart icon
  4. At the bottom of the cart window, tap Add to Order in Progress
  5. Follow prompts for confirmation. 

Please note you could see more than 1 authorization hold on an order if adjustments made after checkout exceed the original authorization total amount. Go to Authorization holds, recurring payments, and unknown charges to learn more about authorization holds.

Change quantity or remove an item

In the app

  1. Tap Account at the bottom of your screen
  2. Tap Orders
  3. Tap the current order
  4. Tap the item you want to edit
  5. Tap the plus or minus symbol to increase or decrease quantity

On the website

  1. At the top left, click the 3 horizontal lines
  2. Click Your Orders
  3. Select the order you want to update
  4. In the item list, select the item you want to adjust the quantity on
  5. On this item, click the number and adjust as you like 

Update item replacement choices

Go to the Instacart website (this feature isn’t currently available in the Instacart app)

  1. At the top left, click the 3 horizontal lines
  2. Click Your Orders
  3. Select the order you want to update
  4. Under the item you’d like to update, click Edit replacement option
  5. Choose your preferred replacement option

Approving order changes 

You can select other options for replacements, or choose a refund for the item instead. 

To see items your shopper has already located—

  1. Tap the current order card at the bottom of the screen OR
  2. Tap the 3 stacked horizontal lines in the upper left corner
  3. Tap Your orders
  4. Select your current order
  5. Tap See Shopped Items
  6. If you approve the change, tap Approve 
  7. If you prefer another option, tap Other options…
  8. Don’t see the option you prefer?  Just tap Chat at the top of the screen to talk to your shopper.
  9. When shopping is complete, you can tap See Shopped items again to view all the completed changes and items in your order.

Note: Depending on your selected retailer and delivery time, your order may be stored at the appropriate temperature for each item until delivery. We’ll let you know in your order screen if that happens.